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InstaCard: Digital Business Card

— Business Cards Re-Imagined

Gone are the days when business cards only captured contact details. Introducing remiot card - the game-changer that transforms meetings into valuable leads. Jot down important notes to stay focused on what truly matters. And the best part? Simply scan the card with your mobile device!

Key features of remiot card:

  • Contactless NFC and QR code scanning
  • Easily edit your data through our mobile app
  • No need for recipients to have an app to access and share your information


InstaInfo: Scan Stand & Digital Interface for Company Info

— Improve customer satisfaction by providing information about you

Would you like to provide your clients with fast and convenient access to information about their stay using just their mobile devices? With our InstaInfo solution, you can achieve exactly that. Our unique board, featuring a minimalist design, incorporates a QR code and NFC technology, ensuring your guests stay informed at all times and in their preferred language.

Key features of InstaInfo:

  • Contactless NFC and QR code scanning
  • Flexibility to add any type of information
  • Instant editing capabilities using our mobile app



Try InstaReview and boost your online reputation!


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Experience a touch of finesse in your daily life with our diverse range of smart IoT applications. Enhance your business and lifestyle effortlessly using our mobile app and Remiot device!

Remiot serves as your secret weapon in digitizing your business, forging closer connections with your customers, and effortlessly sharing information with a simple tap.

Unleash your imagination and customize your experience with animations and minimalist designs. Everything you need is at your fingertips through our intuitive administration panel and mobile app.

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Our Story

We are based in Ioannina, which is characterised by some with as the Silicon Valley of Greece. Obviously, it is far from claiming such a label, however the establishment of various multinational technology companies in the region has given us the stimulus to engage with the fascinating world of IoT.

In 2021, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, concepts like digitization and contactless transactions became an integral part of our lives. Recognizing the opportune moment, we established Remiot, a blend of the words "Rem" (object in Latin) and IoT (Internet of Things).

Leveraging the ongoing digitization trend, we provide smart and user-friendly technological solutions that seamlessly integrate contactless technologies like NFC and QR codes with software. Our aim is to promote digital interaction, with a focus on convenience, speed, data collection and analysis, efficient administration, and business development.