Digitalize your Business
with IoT technology

You can now dazzle your clients by having them interact with smart objects and navigate digital interfaces for your business cards, product menus, company information and customer reviews, all through their own smartphones.

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1 InstaCards

InstaCard: Digital Business Card

— Business Cards Re-Imagined

Old business cards never collected information other than contact details. Not anymore! remiot card turns meetings into leads. Write down notes to focus on what matters. Just scan the card with a mobile! As simple as this!

— Contactless nfc and QrCode scan
— Edit your data through a mobile app
— No app needed to share your data anyone



InstaInfo: Scan Stand & Digital Interface for Company Info

— Improve customer satisfaction by providing information about you

Do you want your clients to get information about their stay as fast as possible? Using only their mobile device? You can have that using our InstaInfo solution. A unique board with minimal design, containing a Qr Code and an NFC technology, will help you keep your guests informed at any time and any language.

— Contactless nfc and QrCode scan
— Ability to add any kind on information
— Edit any information on the spot using a mobile app


InstaReview: Scan Board & Digital Interface for Customers' Reviews

— Gather your customer's reviews on any major reviewing platform

InstaReview is simple and effective Clients just place their smartphone over the NFC sign and submit their review in major review platforms, social media, actually across the web, while their experience is still fresh! From a customer point of view, a business that offers online review opportunities is a business that is confident in providing high-quality services and products.

— Contactless NFC and QR-Code scan
— Ability to add multiple review links
— Grow your business with more reviews from customers


Why choose us

Our wide array of smart IoT applications brings a touch of finesse in your daily life. Empower your business and lifestyle with just a mobile app and a remiot device!

Remiot is your secret weapon to digitalising your business, getting closer to your customers & sharing information faster with a simple tap.

Add anything you can imagine, have animations and minimal designs. All at your fingertips in our intuitive administration panel and mobile app.

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Our Story

We are based in Ioannina, which is characterised by some with as the Silicon Valley of Greece. Obviously, it is far from claiming such a label, however the establishment of various multinational technology companies in the region has given us the stimulus to engage with the fascinating world of IoT.

In 2021 during Covid-19 pandemic, concepts such as digitisation, contactless transactions, etc. entered our lives for good. So, we felt that it was the perfect time to found Remiot, from the synthetic Rem (object in Latin) and IoT (Internet of Things).

Starting from the digitisation that takes place around us, we deliver smart and easy to use technological solutions that combine contactless technology, such as NFC and QR code with software. We urge digital interaction with the ultimate goal being convenience, speed, data collection and analysis, more efficient administration and business development!